Linden Studio Sample Stem Montage Mix

Join in with our sample stem mix session.

How To take part

If you would like to take part whilst having time on your hands, then just get on your favourite instrument or, sing or even recite and record it.

Preferably in a key of G C B minor or E and at around 86 - 90 BPM the recordings should be as audio at a sample rate of 48 or 44.1 Khz. Most formats such as WAV AIF MP3 M4a will be fine.

Send via a transfer service to

If this works I shall set about creating a track in this collaborative approach, using samplers and other instruments to put your musical ideas into a montaged set of tracks and samples to produce a mix which will later be put on line and youtube. (it is important that you understand and agree to this condition at the outset)

It does not have to be punctuated by the Corona virus, but perhaps the emotional intensity of now will be very much in you performance and maybe we'll capture something special to look back on.

Good Luck! and best wishes to everyone even if you cannot take part.

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